Set up in July 1996 Colour Tone Masterbatch is a highly successful business in a market that continues to be dominated by multinationals.

Colour Tone is recognised as an innovative company that focuses on delivering a responsive, high quality service for bespoke colours, in universal, commodity and engineering polymers, as well as custom additive blends.

We deliver custom colours to an exact match in less time than it takes to get a standard off-the-shelf universal product because we maintain a high level of production flexibility which enables us to move quickly as demands change.

Our masterbatch materials are suitable for use in most plastics processes including injection and blow moulding, profile and sheet extrusion as well as film and fibres. As such they add market presence and competitive edge through unique, vibrant colours as well as physical properties and processing benefits that contribute to the successful performance of many products.

Our laboratory facilities and modern plant give us the flexibility to meet customer demands for colour matching and sampling through to manufacture and the tools to develop new products.

In 2020, Colour Tone received financial support from the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund, via matched funding for a project to deliver pre-production laboratory certification.

The objective of the project was to increase output, productivity, and revenues through investment in testing equipment to help facilitate new quality control methodologies. This equipment is enabling us to test product earlier, increasing machine up time, reducing manufacturing cost and reducing energy consumption.



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