Ducapurge universal purging compound cuts the
cost of non-PVC clean downs

We can now offer Ducapurge the amazingly efficient universal purging compound recently introduced by Dugdale Plc.

It can take hours to change colour or clean down plus there's always a risk that tooling might be damaged by dismantling procedures. Costs can easily multiply and reduce profits. Not anymore. Designed for immediate use without the need for soaking, Ducapurge can cut clean down costs by at least 50%. Think colour changes in 15 minutes, less scrap and lower tool maintenance equals dramatically reduced machine down time.

  • Designed to purge not to process

  • Suitable for colour and polymer type changes

  • Effective in hot runner systems

  • Reduces polymer costs

  • huge annual savings as material costs rise

  • Minimises reject rates

  • Environmentally friendly – cuts waste, saves energy

Successfully tested by moulding and extrusion processors throughout the UK and overseas Ducapurge will minimise scrap, reduce down time and stoppages for cleaning or maintenance.

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