Colour match request

If you have a sample that you would like us to match please download form A, complete it, and mail it to us with your sample. If you do not have a sample either complete Form B online or download it*, add details and mail or fax it to us. Do you have a sample of the colour you can send us?

Generally we produce initial quantities of colour matched material within 24 hours. However, to ensure we get it ‘right first time’ we need the essential information as requested on these forms. Also please note that our questions are structured to give us enough detail to formulate the masterbatch you require and to provide you with what you want at the best possible price. We emphasize this because certain applications, food packaging for example, necessitate the use of approved or specialist materials and these can influence price.

For your guidance in choosing and using masterbatches we have included on this page a document that explains the basics. Click on the link below to view this information. Alternatively if you have any queries call us on +44 (0) 2920 888910

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