REACH Statement

European Union Regulation No. 1907/2006 concerning the Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals (commonly known as “REACH”) came into effect on June 1st 2007.

This comprehensive piece of legislation will replace over forty previous regulations and directives and is intended to improve the regulation of the safety in manufacturing and use of chemicals in Europe and their effect on the environment.

The initial stage of implementation closed on November 30th 2008 with the conclusion of the Pre-registration of existing “phase-in” chemicals. Full registration is now under way, with a timetable depending on the manufacturing or importation volumes and the degree of hazard of the chemicals.

The products manufactured by Colourtone are classified in REACH as preparations and are not, therefore, required to be registered under the new legislation. It is possible that some raw materials used in Colourtone’s products may be rationalised and withdrawn from sale as a result of the costs involved and data requirements for registration. However, if this does occur we are able to develop alternative formulations.

We have written to our raw material suppliers advising them in general terms of the uses to which Colourtone and its downstream customers put the substances contained in our products. Further details of processes, exposure conditions and control measures may be required by suppliers to complete their Chemical Safety Reports as part of the Registration process.

We will continue to maintain contact with both suppliers and customers regarding communication of information and collection of data as necessary.

Colourtone’s Material Safety Data Sheets have been modified to reflect the requirements for layout and content under REACH and will continue to be updated as necessary.


Request for Data Sheets

Colourtone will be pleased to supply a Product Data and Material Safety Data Sheet on request. Please complete your contact details and the Colourtone product reference number below and the information will be forwarded to you by return.

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