October 2013 – Secrets of colouring PVC laid bare at K 2013 New technical booklet launched by Colour Tone Masterbatch – Stand 5A41

The secrets of successful, repeatable, high quality colouring of rigid PVCu are revealed in a new technical booklet launched at K2013 by Colour Tone Masterbatch, manufacturers of Vynacol, the revolutionary polymer specific colouring system for PVCu.

Techniques commonly used to achieve the colouration of PVCu, such as dye packs, liquid colours, wax dispersions and masterbatch, are discussed along with the unique pros and cons of each method. While factors such as type of process, equipment and manufacturing set-up are critical, volume and storage can also affect choice. The author, Tony Gaukroger, director of Colour Tone, points out that ultimately, the best solution will always be that which optimises cost and efficiency.

Opening with a brief background to the colouring of PVCu, the booklet evaluates the many different options and provides guidance on how to determine a simple, easy to use, method that will deliver great results for any processor.

Contents cover how to create a colour concentrate, choosing pigments and dyestuffs, compounding techniques, manufacturing technology, common problems, lubrication issues, processing temperatures, and the latest successful applications. A glossary and processors’ trouble shooting guide are also included.

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